Qualifications & FAQ

How big of a following do I need to qualify?

We recommend you have a solid foundation and a following of approximately 10,000 on at least one social media page. Our current partners have a combined following of over 2,000,000 and therefore the partner program is more for established individuals. If you don't qualify to become a partner, you can always submit your dog to be featured within the app :)

What are the partnership benefits?

  1. Dedicated category for your dog within Wallpupper

  2. Exposure to thousands of dog enthusiasts

  3. Ongoing unique wallpaper designs for your dog

  4. First dibs on future business opportunities (games, products and more)

  5. Access to all Wallpupper analytics

  6. Link to your social media page from Wallpupper

  7. Full influencer profile for your dog on our official blog

  8. Cross-promote your dog with many other mainstream dogs

How frequently will you make wallpapers for partners?

This will depends on how often you engage and include Wallpupper with your community, how active you are on your social media, the quality of your images and your commitment with the pet community.

How often is Wallpupper updated?

Wallpupper is updated on a daily basis with new images, breeds and features. You can obtain more information on our Change Log for application updates. New wallpapers are created every day.

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