Submitting an Image

Feature your dog on the Wallpaper application by using the "Pupload" function in the main menu.

Not all submitted images are guaranteed to be featured on the app.

Connect your Instagram account to get tagged and featured on the Wallpupper Instagram account if your image becomes selected to turn into an exclusive Wallpupper! You will also receive a confirmation email with further details if your photo has made the cut :)

How to increase your odds of being selected

Wallpupper only has a handful of designers and therefore not every image can be made into a Wallpupper background.

1. Share your submissions with your friends on social media

Its one thing to upload your image, its another to show the rest of the world! If your image is worthy, it will become popular and our team will recognize it. You may copy the the Share link by tapping the Share button on your image.

The URL will be copied to the clipboard in the following format:

Once the link is copied, you may paste it into Facebook, messenger or any social media application to share it.

2. Share it with your friends and tell them to hit that LIKE button!

More likes on your image will increase your overall image ranking. Coupled with an amazing photo of your pup, your dog is guaranteed to stand out among the hundreds that get submitted on the daily.

3. Use the #wallpupper hashtag on your social media

On occasion we look through our Instagram hashtag and select photos to feature. By using the #wallpupper hashtag you are helping us get to your account and view your images.

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